Members do not pay any referral commissions or fees over and above their annual membership subscription. The Association is formed of Independent Professional Gardeners, who offer their services at rates agreed and contracted between the client and Member.

This is a very important part of the relationship between The Association and individual Members.

The Association does not favour any one Member above another, nor receive any incentives, financial or otherwise, from either the Client or the Member. The Register of Members is designed to enable clients to select their own chosen Independent Gardener, each operating their own fees structure within their area of expertise and region.

Every Association Member is completely independent. Engaging the services of any Member is a matter between the customer and individual Member. The Association has no contract or obligation with either party, all such matters being beyond the control of the Independent Professional Gardeners Association (or Alan Sargent Consultancy Ltd) Members are totally independent, and there is no requirement on any party to advise the Association of any contracts undertaken. The Association Register is purely there for information and use as a general guide.

Every Member must have a proven track record of at least five years as a self-employed individual, hold full Public Liability insurance, provide ten client references and at least one Trade reference to become a Member. Every Member must renew membership annually and continue to provide client references and evidence of insurance with each renewal application to ensure that standards are maintained.
This vetting procedure is unique in the world of Gardening, maintaining the highest possible standards of professionalism, with each Member assessed and recommended by their customers on a regular basis.


“Gardening is a science without boundaries”