Accredited Independent Professional Self-Employed

Gardeners in the Private Sector
(Domestic & Commercial)

Independent Professional Gardeners offer invaluable Traditional Gardening services, either bespoke short term projects or longer term maintenance contracts, daily, weekly, monthly or annually, ensuring the well-being of gardens at domestic, Estate or commercial sites.

There are many and varied specialist talents available from these skilled professionals, all vetted and recommended by at least ten previous customers. All are accredited via a strict vetting procedure, including ensuring due compliance with matters such as current insurance cover and legislation.

Members must have been in business (self – employed) for a least five years, and are subject to annual re-vetting to ensure continuing standards.

Independent Professional Gardeners Association
West Lodge, Lavington Park, Petworth, Sussex GU28 0NQ

Alan Sargent FCIHort, MPGCA
(Alan Sargent Consultancy Ltd)

The Independent Professional Gardeners Association

The services offered by IPGA Members are wide and varied. The Register records the names and towns of each Member, including website or email details. Also shown are those skills each person has chosen as their Speciality (some have more than one) and the areas they choose to work in, shown as a distance/radius from their base.

Great emphasis is placed on working WITH clients and designers, as without mutual respect it is difficult to achieve the harmony and sound working relationships essential for the success of the collaboration.

IPGA Gardeners keep up to date with current legislation and working practices through regular training workshops and seminars, dealing with a wide range of topical matters as a condition of their continued Membership.

The many scenarios that Members may become involved in include;

*Short Term Commissions, acting as a Senior Staff Member/Head Gardener for an Estate or other large garden, covering sickness or maternity leave.

*Longer term commissions involving Specialist skills e.g. Rose garden management, Topiary training, establishing a vine house or orangery, creating mazes or labyrinths, & Rockery projects etc.

*Fixed term contracts starting with the hand-over of new build gardens, working with the designer to begin a programme of establishing newly planted borders, trees and shrubs, or stabilising water garden features.

*Developing orchards, arboretums or top fruit gardens.

*Creating organic vegetable gardens or glasshouses, including working towards complete organic status within the garden.

*Establishing wildflower meadows, or even creating a complete re-wilding programme.

The potential list is endless…………….

The Independent Professional Gardeners Association

In Association with

The Professional Garden Consultants Association